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Introducing a Revolutionary Way of Referencing


IScreenYouScreen have developed a brand-new screening system that offers all the benefits of outsourcing your employee reference checking at a fraction of the cost.

The software works by providing online application forms and reference requests for any industry, the letter templates can be fully branded to suit your company. Users also have access to a growing database of over 100,000 employers, all with contact details that integrate with automatic letter and email generation. With this new process, it speeds up the referencing procedure by up to 75% and is ideal for companies employing large amounts of people.

After many conversations with HR managers and directors, the same complaints kept arising. Old methods used in-house such as using spreadsheets and Word documents were too time consuming. When outsourcing to pre-employment screening companies many files were returned incomplete or references weren’t chased frequently; some companies didn’t have a complete employee screening process at all. IScreenYouScreen provides a unique workflow system that guides users through the entire process in order to eradicate these common complaints.

The software provides an automatically generated, daily ‘to do’ list that ensures files are processed effectively along with a gap checker that will ensure there is no missing information on any candidate’s files. Plus, running on the latest cloud platform, the IScreenYouScreen system can be set up for multiple users at numerous locations with high level management ‘super user’

In today’s world it is incredibly important that employers know who they are hiring. IScreenYouScreen gives back control to companies and provides huge time and cost efficiencies and is a real alternative to outsourcing. Simon Houlton, Managing Director