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Is it Acceptable to Pry on Candidate’s Social Media Profiles?


The third installment of the Insight Series, this whitepaper assesses and outlines the ways in which employers can make best use of social media as part of the recruitment process.

It investigates a number of areas, including membership of social media websites, their differences and how job seekers expect them to be used when searching and applying for a new role.

This whitepaper is based on the survey responses of 896 job seekers and 280 hiring managers.

Key findings include:

*60% of job seekers do not feel it appropriate of employers to view their personal social media profiles, with 59% saying they have amended profile content to appeal to a prospective employer

*Despite this, half of employers are prepared to research job seeker candidates using personal social media profiles

*43% of job seekers and 49% of employers prefer to use recruitment agencies above other sources for finding or advertising jobs

*80% of job seekers use social media to research and prepare for an interview

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