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How a Job Candidate’s Going to Fit Into your Culture


A culture fit is that missing piece, the person who fills certain roles, thinks in certain ways, and whose skills and personality will complement, not duplicate, those of your existing team.

That means that culture fit will look different for each position, or even for the same position at different points in time. To hire well for culture fit, do some serious groundwork before you even post the position. Before you can create a metric to help you evaluate candidates, analyze your existing team members. What are their strengths and weaknesses? What personality traits could you use?

Once you’ve gotten a clear picture of where the new employee will fit into the jigsaw puzzle of your larger culture, prepare for the interview. Develop criteria that you and your team are comfortable with to ensure that you are basing decisions on the actual information conveyed by the interview, not on gut reactions. A good metric for culture and values fit begins with a clear description of the company, its culture, the position, and the personality traits required to succeed as part of the team.  Often, being clear about your needs and culture at the beginning of an interview will help a candidate decide if they are a good fit for your office.