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Just 34% of Foreign Tech Workers Accepted Offers from UK Firms


Britain’s technology industry is a crucial rising force driving the economy forward.

This isn’t just the opinion of a technology company operating in Britain – it’s a fact shaping government policy. The technology sector is growing twice as fast as the wider UK economy, and digital jobs are being created twice as fast as non-digital ones.

As a result, Prime Minister Theresa May recently announced the ongoing support for technology innovation across the UK by doubling the number of available visas and making various investments in the tech sector totaling £81 million.

Despite this growth, our Mind the Gap report uncovered a significant divide between the skills employees have and the skills employers want, particularly around data, security, UI and UX. And a report by Engineering UK conservatively estimates an annual engineering graduate shortfall of 20,000, while predicting we’ll need 265,000 more skilled engineers a year to meet employer demand until 2024.

To uncover the true scale of these issues, we dug into Hired’s own data to analyse trends in both candidate and company behaviour that might give us some unique insight. We’ve also supplemented this with survey data collected from tech workers who have used Hired to help them find their next job. Here’s what we discovered.