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Key Tips for Using Twitter to Attract Candidates


This article was submitted by Zoho Recruit

Whether you are a recruitment agent or an employer, it is essential that you utilise free talent sourcing platforms like Twitter in your quest to make recruitment matches. With Twitter becoming more relevant for recruiters in 2017, changes in the platform means agents can utilise its influential user base, enjoying better engagements with candidates and more defined social marketing options.

With the forever-in-development nature of the platform, we at Zoho Recruit thought we would identify the best ways to use Twitter when attracting candidates, finding the following to trump the list.

Visual content

According to HubSpot, an inbound marketing and sales platform, a social media post accompanied by a relevant image carries a great deal of weight, providing 94% more views than content without a supportive visual. Providing 35% more retweets on average, it is essential that recruiters invest in good imagery when sourcing candidates on Twitter, making the most of their time and effort.

Divert traffic back to your site

2017 has seen an explosion in the use of content marketing, with consumers, candidates and clients all possessing a hunger to learn more online. Having no option but to invest in content marketing, it is important that as a recruiter you are giving access to your web content, diverting candidates to informative blog posts that will support the on-boarding process. Whether it be CV writing tips, interview support or information on the job itself, such approaches will encourage a more holistic marketing strategy.

Utilise video

Modern candidates want to be participants rather than spectators, engaging with company values and culture before applying for a position. Due to this shift in behaviour, more and more recruiters should invest in video marketing on Twitter, with live-streaming and virtual reality videos captivating jobseekers in new ways.

Being both cost-effective and able to give agencies a personality, we expect the more brand-conscious of recruiters to replace keyword-stuffed posts with short, punchy videos in 2017.

To conclude, the biggest tip of all would be to be relevant, with candidates craving quality over quantity when it comes to being marketed to.


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