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Killer Social Recruiting Tips From @Billboorman


Today I had a chat with the very insightful Bill Boorman, one of the most omnipresent personal brands you will ever see in the career industry.He has his fingers in many pies (#tru events, blogging, training, consulting, speaking to name but a few) and he shared some great wisdom for recruiters, job seekers and others in the career industry. This interview actually got so long that I’ve decided to post the 2nd part later – stay tuned for that!

What is your day job Bill?

I don’t really have a day job as such, more a series of over lapping projects. My time is divided in to 5 disciplines:

1: Training for Recruiters, Recruitment Managers and Agency Owners in all areas of business growth.
2: Consultancy to Recruitment Firms in all areas of operational practice particularly Performance Management.