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Leveling the Field in Student Employment


The different types of student employment trouble me. For many students at Bowdoin, working here is their first job experience. So when the College places an inexperienced student at a desk job so undemanding that they are able to study the entire time—what is Bowdoin teaching that student about work? We are—truthfully—still at a quite impressionable age; the jobs that students are placed in should attempt to reflect the reality of work life.

There are students who work and there are those who do not work. For some students, real life budget problems creep into the bubble of campus life. And while it is false to assume that everyone who works is busier than everyone who doesn’t, and that everyone who works is low income and vice versa, it is true that those who do not work are separated from a reality of life. Here’s a shocker: when people ask you what you want to do for a living in the future, they are referring to your job, because you need to work to live.