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Local or Vertical: How Should I Brand My Job Board?


In November 2015, RealMatch hosted a webinar with The Job Board Doctor called ‘Use Brand to Generate Job Board Revenue’. Throughout the webinar, attendees asked numerous questions about how to best drive revenue by building or developing their job board brand. I chatted with RealMatch Product Marketing Director Bart Bartolozzi following the webinar to see if we could uncover more about how job boards can generate revenue using brand.

The majority of our counties workforce is in the manufacturing sector. Should or how could our brand incorporate this?

Bartolozzi says,

“You’ve got two good options here. Even though much of your counties workforce is in manufacturing, you  could still build and brand your job board as a local site and that your specialty is providing residents access to local jobs. You  would advertise the fact that you are local – tie the look, feel, and language into the community. If many of the jobs are in the  manufacturing sector, those are the jobs you have and the ones you will talk to people about. Your content will be about that –  relevant to your local audience. I think this would provide you the best option to gain the most traction in your market.”