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Long-term Unemployed People Win New Care Sector Career Opportunities with the Help of Brightwork and PeoplePlus


An innovative bid to bring people who have been unemployed for lengthy periods into much-needed roles in the care sector has been hailed a success by senior managers at Brightwork, the Glasgow, Edinburgh and Elgin-based recruitment agency.

Working alongside PeoplePlus, the leading frontline public service provider which creates employment opportunities through skills training and apprenticeships, the success of the Glasgow-based pilot study means it could be launched across Scotland later this year.

Sean Magee, Health and Social Care Manager at Brightwork who oversaw the project, said:

“our team is constantly on the look-out for potential recruits to the care sector. We have an ageing population and the uncertainties of Brexit means that there is a critical shortage of trained carers across both urban and rural Scotland.

“Working together with PeoplePlus, our pilot study, held late last year, identified a range of people, both male and female, of all ages, and who had been out of the workforce for lengthy spells, as potential new entrants to the sector.

“The pilot study was set-up to assist this process by focusing on employability. Of the nine people who participated, seven were successful and are now in fulfilling, permanent roles within the care sector.”

Brightwork’s Care Academy provides the candidates with four days of training, including an introduction to the processes involved in the moving, handling and protection of people from vulnerable groups as well as on the duties they would be expected to carry out as professional carers. They are also prepared for interview by potential employers on the fifth day.

John Dolan, Director for Scotland at PeoplePlus, said:

“as the UK’s largest skills and training organisation and as one of the Scottish Government’s lead providers of the Fair Start Scotland service, we have been delighted to partner with Brightwork in this important programme.

“We are currently assessing the way forward with a firm intention of repeating the process. People who have been unemployed for a period need to see opportunities to get back into meaningful work and the care sector is crying out for competent, kind and determined recruits who can enhance greatly the lives of vulnerable people.”

Brightwork is part of Staffline, one of the biggest employment support and training service businesses in the UK.


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