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Looking to recruit great talent? Google is your biggest ally


Google has become the definitive source for web search, handling 65.2% of all searches worldwide — more than four times the number of pages indexed by runners-up Yahoo! and Bing combined. In 2006, the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary even included the word “Google,” as a new transitive verb as in, let’s “Google it.”

Central to everyone’s online world, Google is a very important place to be when it comes to social recruitment. As Google’s mobile operating system, Android, proliferates with smartphone growth, Google search will continue to become the defacto for search on any connected device.

HR recruiters can use Google’s paid and organic search capabilities very effectively to distribute jobs and corner top talent:

1. Paid search
Google allows you to choose specific keywords to describe your jobs and then displays an advert above or alongside the search results when people’s search terms match your keywords. For example, “mechanical engineer jobs” or “actuary”.