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Losers may outnumber winners in the tech jobs market


2013 marks the 40th anniversary of the mobile phone and even greater innovation is expected over the next 40 years and beyond, creating rich pickings for professionals with the right skill sets. However, niche technology specialist, European Recruitment, warns that individuals can easily become left behind by the pace of change.

Ed Jackson, Manager at European Recruitment, says: “We’ve seen great developments in the timeline of technology, going from 2G,3G, and now 4G technology, and we’re looking towards 5G and beyond for the not-so-distant future. To respond to this, there’s a real need for professionals in the mobile technology space to have a wide range of skills and be able to adapt to the changing landscape. It’s important to always stay one step ahead – at European Recruitment, for instance, we were placing conceptual roles for 5G professionals before 4G had even been launched.”

“In order to understand how technology will change in the future, it’s useful to consider how far it has come in such a short space of time,” says Ed. “If you look at the iconic Nokia 3210 – which launched in 1999 – and compare it to today’s smartphones, it’s clear to see that mobiles are no longer only about making calls. In less than 15 years, we’ve gone from playing snake in black and white to now having phones in colour, with a digital display, features such as wifi and music, and a variety of apps. Not only this, but we’ve also seen phones getting smaller and smaller, then consumer demand shifting and the handsets increasing in size again. The Note is an excellent capture of our wants and needs shifting.”

European Recruitment recognises that mobile technology will continue to see even greater changes in the future. “The skills that may have been in demand five years ago, are unlikely to be highly sought after today,” says Ed. “It’s expected that near-field mobile payments will soon be available, and professionals working in this area are in high demand and will continue to see real opportunities. However, no technology professional can afford to become complacent, otherwise they’re in danger of being left behind.”