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Lumina Learning Launches Interactive Psychometric Selection Tool & ATS


Lumina Learning is pleased to announce the launch of its new digital offering for psychometric selection tool Lumina Select. The digital Lumina Select offering enables organisations to both sift and ultimately select the right people, then on-board them into the organisation, all supported by one consistent framework.

Years of research show that personality can be used to predict patterns of behaviour. A well-suited personality can contribute to a person’s success in a role, while a poorly-suited personality can be a blocker to success. Lumina Learning’s research shows that personality can account for up to 18% of the variance in job performance. Lumina Select uses personality to predict ‘competency potential’, the degree to which an individual is naturally inclined to demonstrate the behaviours associated with a specific competency. This approach helps make the recruitment process more scientific. It also identifies talented candidates who might be overlooked in more traditional selection approaches.

Lumina Select originated following requests from Lumina Learning’s customers to apply the company’s inclusive approach – valuing personality diversity and minimising evaluative bias – in the area of selection and recruitment. Clients wanted an alternative to the old traditional psychometrics they were using that they felt were too black-and-white, labelling, and reductionist. Instead, they wanted all candidates to feel valued throughout the selection process, and for the competencies at work associated with introversion and being more inspiration driven to be fully valued in job profiling. In response, Lumina Learning created Lumina Select, taking the bias many traditional psychometrics suffer from out of the selection processes.

The Lumina Select digital offering was designed with two main goals. Firstly, to reduce the cost of the recruitment process, through slick administration and the quicker onboarding of the right people. And secondly, to enhance the quality of the process so that the selected candidates are much more likely to stay for longer and be happy in their roles. These goals are supported by digital Lumina Select’s key features: the Lumina Applicant Tracker, for sorting, filtering, and tracking applicants; the Lumina Job Profiler, helping identify the key competencies for success in a role; the interactive Lumina Select portrait, for exploring a candidate’s personality and competencies in detail; and the Lumina Select Interview Guide, helping find the right questions to ask a candidate.

Lumina Select draws on Lumina Spark to create a portrait of a candidate’s preferences and qualities. Knowing this, recruiters can tailor interviews to better explore a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, helping to find the right people, ask the right questions, uncover hidden potential, and avoid costly recruitment errors. Stewart Desson, CEO of Lumina Learning, said: “If an organisation needs to bring new people in, Lumina Select is for them. If an organisation needs to on-board its new people around a specific culture, Lumina Select is for them. If an organisation needs to develop its people and ultimately develop high-performing teams and transformational leaders, Lumina Select is for them.”

For more information, visit: or join CEO Dr Stewart Desson for Lumina Learning’s ‘Introduction to Lumina Select’ webinar on 19th March at 11.00-12.00 GMT:


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