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How to Make your Recruitment Business Compliant?


This article has been submitted by Simplicity

It has been six years since the Agency Worker’s Regulations came into effect. At that time, it became the most important piece of legislation ever to be introduced into the recruitment industry, and it remains so. Yet, as a number of recent high-profile cases have reminded us, there remains a number of recruitment businesses either attempting to or unintentionally circumventing the regulations.

As a reminder, AWR was introduced to provide agency workers with the same rates of pay and working conditions (such as holiday entitlement) as a business’s employed workforce.

The need to ensure that an agency is fully compliant is not just a case of ensuring it is operating under the letter of the law, it is also a commercial necessity. It is a challenge for recruiters, yet one that can easily be overcome – providing the right systems are in place.

Over the last couple of years, we have been developing a CRM & workflow solution that combines the recruitment front and back office systems into one simple process – GEMS.

The end-to-end innovative technology not only provides recruiters with a single-entry system but also helps them to remain compliant through the AWR functionality, which in turn saves recruiters a considerable amount of time spent on admin.

For instance, recruiters can enter parity rates that are automatically applied when AWR kicks in, while the system also enables them to set skills and certificate requirements for candidates and job bookings; thereby, ensuring recruiters only supply clients with the certified and compliant candidates.

GEMS will not only save you time make you more efficient but it will also help to ensure you stay complaint, putting you ahead of the competition and giving your clients and candidates peace of mind. Plus, it’s FREE to Simplicity Partners.