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Making the Most Out of your Holiday Allowance


Once January and February hits, workers across the UK start holiday searching, planning where to go and when; with the average UK wage now at £26,500 that’s over 3 weeks’ worth of pay for each trip.

The 2 best ways to get the most out of your trips are budget well and book your holiday wisely.

How to use your 25 days holiday to get 55 days off work

A recent article on Manchester Evening News revealed that in 2017 you can get 55 days off work by using up only 25 days annual leave…

  • Easter
    • Bank holidays: Good Friday, Easter Monday and Early May Bank Holiday
    • Book off: 13th April until 2nd May (18 days off)
    • 9 days annual leave will give you 18 days off work
  • Spring Bank Holiday (9 days off)
    • Bank holidays: Spring Bank Monday
    • Book off: 30th May until 2nd June
    • 4 days annual leave will give you 9 days off work
  • Summer Bank Holiday (9 days off)
    • Bank holidays: August Bank Holiday Monday
    • Book off: 29th August until 1st September
    • 4 days annual leave will give you 9 days off work
  • Christmas (10 days off)
    • Bank holidays: Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day
    • Book off: 27th December until 29th December
    • 3 days annual will give you 10 days off work
  • Leftover (9 days off)
    • You’ll still have 5 days annual leave left to take meaning you could squeeze in another 9 day holiday elsewhere in the year.

How to make the most of your budget

Months of hard work go into saving for a holiday – the average Brit spend 3 weeks full wage on the trip and 15% end up overspending. This leaves 43% claiming that they have to make their pay check stretch further on the months after a holiday.

3 places Brits are least likely to overspend are…

  • France – Only 9% of Brits end up overspending on their budget whilst here. They spend on average £1196 for the trip
  • Germany – 12% of Brits overspend here. They spend on average £981 for the trip
  • Portugal – 12% of Brits overspend on holiday in Portugal. They spend on average £1490

Other precautions that travellers need to consider are those hidden extra charges, According to a recent survey from Satsuma 1 in 5 have to buy more luggage & 43% are hit by the excessive tourist tax.


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