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Marketing 101: What You Are Vs. What You Say You Are


As previous posts have noted, there is a lot of movement in the job board industry right now – startups, acquisitions, IPOs, and more. All of this activity is ultimately about business – who wins, who loses, and who survives. Some businesses can go for years without a profit (Amazon, anyone?), but in general, if you’re not making money in the online recruiting biz, you’re usually gone after a while. Think BranchOut and other recent flameouts.

A key part of any online recruiting business’s success is its relationship with candidates: do they know you? Do they use you? Do they rely on you? If the answer to these three questions is ‘No’, then you’re in trouble. You just don’t have a business without candidates.

It make sense, then, that the message about your business that you deliver to candidates is critical. The message needs to be straightforward, clear, understandable, and it has to have at least some degree of differentiation from the thousands of other messages that the candidate receives. In other words, the message has to stick. This is why so many job boards struggle with their marketing – their message is often, ‘hey, we’re just another job board.’