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Marketing or Advertising? How to Allocate your Budget


Ah, gone are the days when a traditional job description was all it took to capture a candidate’s attention.

Today, jobseekers are invested in a company’s culture and values. The ‘job for life’ is looking increasingly archaic. And in this candidate-driven market, recruitment and HR departments are placing greater value on marketing and candidate engagement initiatives to stand out.

So perhaps it’s time to reallocate some of your recruitment advertising spend to marketing activity…

  1. Develop a strong employer brand

Candidates are striving for a connection to your mission and brand ethos, so you need to engage with them beyond a traditional job advertisement and role description. This means you need to develop a strong, authentic employer brand.

Think about your EVP (Employer Value Proposition). What are you offering to employees and potential hires? Invest in ways to make sure your brand story and vision are reflected across all platforms – whether it’s by allocating resources to redesigning your careers page, engaging with candidates at events or running a digital campaign.

Try to also promote the great aspects of working for you – from health perks like subsidised gym memberships, to feel-good incentives like free lunch on Fridays.  Some candidates are also increasingly keen to make a philanthropic contribution, or know that their work makes a difference, so consider how you can communicate this too.

  1. Invest in an employee referral scheme

What better way to attract candidates who may be an ideal cultural fit for your organisation, than by tapping into your existing employees’ network?

Internal promotion of the scheme, and rewards such as financial incentives or equivalent perks, will require some budget – but the return can be well worth it. Statistics show that employee referral candidates are roughly 3 times more likely to be hired than those sourced elsewhere.*

  1. Keep talent toasty!

According to one study, 85% of the fully employed workforce are passive candidates.** Market yourself to those who might not be actively looking for a role. Perhaps you could attend relevant events, or maintain a presence on social media.

It could also be wise to take advantage of future recruitment opportunities by attending a careers fair or running a campaign aimed at soon-to-be graduates, on social media or within campuses.

But we can’t forget about candidates already within the application process. These are applicants who have applied for a role and may be waiting to be shortlisted, interviewed or even hired. In a candidate driven market, it’s essential you keep them engaged with the application process through consistent and on-brand communications.

The relationship between recruitment and marketing

If you have a close collaboration with a marketing function, whether it’s your in-house team or a recruitment marketing agency, it can give your organisation a competitive edge when it comes to connecting and engaging with candidates.

Ask your marketing colleagues to review your job descriptions to ensure it not only represents the job accurately, but is also shaped in a way that engages candidates, and that reflects your employer brand.

And of course we all know the importance of measurement & success metrics in recruitment; your colleagues in marketing will be well placed to help you truly understand the results of your social recruitment and candidate campaigns, interaction with your website, and of any other marketing initiatives you may undertake.

Coupled with traditional recruitment activity, this additional insight from the marketing function can only help to strengthen your 360-degree view of successful recruitment campaigns and initiatives.

Is it time that you swapped your recruitment advertising budget for marketing?


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