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Massive Change Coming to Recruiting Technology this Year


Head to Mindscope’s official Instagram page and you’ll see a bold statement declaring that, “this is what changing the game looks like.” The Mindscope team believes that recruiters should expect more from their applicant tracking system – and they’re prepared to deliver it.

This summer, the Canadian owned staffing and recruiting software company will roll-out its ultra-modern user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to thousands of recruiters across the globe. Mindscope, which offers an all-in-one applicant tracking system (ATS) and industry specific CRM software, is already recognized for its unparalleled robustness and innovative features. Now it’s coming full-circle and building a UI/UX with the most modern technology available on the market.

Although the company is praised for its customer service, Mindscope’s new UI/UX – featuring drag-and-drop functionality, predictive AI, advanced integrations, and more – is expected to require little (if any) training.

“We already offer innovative tools that our customers can’t believe they ever lived without,” says Alexandra Corey, the company’s CMO. “The ability to access such robust functionality with a modern look-and-feel will set Mindscope light-years ahead of any other ATS in the industry.”

Once the new UI/UX is released, Mindscope’s customers will have a distinct edge over other staffing and recruiting agencies.

“Our technology will have the ability to learn how recruiters use the software, then intuitively adapt screens to fit those uses,” says Mindscope’s CEO, Dan Duic.

“The system will predict what the user would like to do next, based on the actions they just completed,” he explains.

“We intend to revolutionize the candidate sourcing process for recruiters by using AI. As recruiters create more detailed job descriptions, this should lead to better automated searches and shortlisting. Once candidates are presented, accepted and moved through the pipeline, the system will learn and improve its ability to better suggest candidate matches,” says Joshua Trujillo, COO at Mindscope.

Big data has been a buzzword for years, but many ATS and CRM systems are ill-equipped to help recruiters harness their critical information. With this in mind, business intelligence is an important area the company will focus on in 2019.

“We’ll be integrating tools that will help the customer more effectively assess and utilize data to grow their business. These tools will help them leverage the massive amounts of information they’re gathering every day to steer productivity, win more job orders and increase the quality, as well as quantity of placements,” says Trujillo.

Studies have shown that over 98% of Fortune 500 companies use staffing and recruiting software as part of their hiring process. As for small to medium businesses, it’s estimated that 68% of them use an ATS.

With Mindscope’s new UI/UX and extensive features, recruiters can expect to drastically enhance their workflow – engaging, placing and retaining more top talent.

“Since we’re rebuilding Mindscope’s UI/UX on a platform that is completely new to the industry, our goal is not to catch up—we’re going to leapfrog over the competition, and in doing so, we’ll help our customers achieve the same,” says Duic.