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Media and Marketing Leaders the Most Inspiring


Business leaders in the media and marketing sector have been ranked the most inspiring of any industry, according to new research by Tiger Recruitment, which has found that over a quarter of employees in the sector (26%) are inspired by their leader ‘often’ or ‘all the time’. Leaders in the IT and telecoms sector (20%) are ranked second for their ability to inspire employees, followed closely by those in the medical and health sector (18%).

The ranking is based on a survey of over 1,000 employees carried out by YouGov. It has found that while over half of British employees (58%) are rarely or never inspired by the leader of their business, some sectors are significantly outperforming others when it comes to developing role models who engage and motivate their workforce.

At the bottom-end of the ranking, leaders in the legal and real estate sectors are the least inspiring, according to the findings, with only 8% of employees in both sectors saying they are inspired by their leader ‘often’ or ‘all the time’. Not faring much better are those in the transportation and distribution, and retail sectors, with only one in ten employees saying they are regularly inspired by the head of their business.

The findings also show that the size of business can be an important factor in how leaders are perceived, with small business leaders ranked more highly. One in five (20%) small business employees say their leader inspires them often or all the time, more than double the number who say the same in medium-sized or large businesses (9%).

“Strong leadership is vital to business success, helping to unite employees behind a shared vision, while boosting engagement, productivity and retention,” comments David Morel, CEO, Tiger Recruitment. “Yet, our findings show that many leaders, particularly in certain sectors, are failing to bring their people with them and a high proportion of employees are struggling to identify with those at the top table. Where this is the case, executives need to make a concerted effort to understand the root cause of this disconnect and how they can focus on their own development to get their employees onside more effectively. A few small changes are all it takes to transform leadership and organisational success for the better.”


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