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Meet the Essential New Hire for your Business: Your ATS


For companies serious about sourcing the best people for their business, your next hire is a straightforward decision – recruitment software with an integrated applicant tracking system (ATS). Here’s why your ATS makes the perfection addition to your team:-

It identifies skilled people quickly : The 2016 CBI/Pearson Education and Skills Survey, taken just before the referendum vote, found that over two thirds of UK employers are worried about their availability to hire enough people with the skills they need. An absence of literary and numeracy skills is also a concern for nearly a third of businesses. Your ATS will rapidly identify the people with business critical skills, send out personalised, automated messages and incorporate online testing to ensure your candidate shortlist meets your key hiring criteria.

It won’t get distracted by a summer of sport : While the British Grand Prix, Euro 2016 and Andy Murray’s Wimbledon triumph are safely out the way, the Olympics is still to come. Coupled with the traditional holiday months of July and August, summer sporting events often affect employee absences, resulting in falling productivity. In the meantime, your ATS stays dedicated to the task in hand, from handling internal staff referrals, automating pre-employment references or identifying recruitment agencies relevant to a specific job posting.