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The Recruiter Link’s co-founders, Andy Williams and Ian Turnpenny talk about the rationale behind The Recruiter Link and what this means for recruiters looking to grow their businesses.

Why did you establish The Recruiter Link?

Global mobility is on the rise but many independent recruiters have traditionally either passed on referrals to larger recruiters with an already-existing international presence, or simply dismissed them as being beyond their existing capabilities. This is a lost opportunity. Through our own experiences of working as recruiters both in the UK and in Asia, we saw at first-hand how expanding our own network of contacts opened up numerous opportunities for us to extend our reach beyond our existing regions and deliver client projects across various locations and within different sectors.

The Recruiter Link bridges that gap and provides an ‘in’ to the so-called shared economy whereby a recruiter’s ability to fulfill any overseas requirements for their clients is not restricted by a lack of international presence within that area.

What is The Recruiter Link?

In short, it is a platform whereby progressive independent, niche recruiters can build a high value, trusted network with fellow recruiters with whom they can collaborate on either a local or global project. This presents them with the opportunity to maximise revenues (for themselves and each other), increase the value they offer their clients, and scale their businesses quickly and efficiently.

How did you become interested in recruitment collaboration?

By making money out of it. Had a successful record of collaborating with recruiters in the UK and Australia from my China business. Worked effectively and was financially beneficial for us both, with fairly manageable and limited downside.

We sought to develop a platform which encourages frictionless collaboration and global networking opportunities for forward-thinking and innovative recruiters by using technology and the entrepreneurial spirit of independent recruiters.

The Recruiter Link encourages local-global collaboration between recruitment partners, but what are some of the key challenges that recruiters face when recruiting for roles based outside their existing remit/geographical reach?

Clearly a recruiter is going to be at some kind of disadvantage in recruiting a foreign or new market. By partnering with someone locally they can create the right hybrid to serve both clients and candidates effectively. We live in a much more globalised world these days with cross border talent flow a huge market and a huge opportunity for forward-thinking and proactive recruiters.

Each region and country has its own local variations, cultures and traditions, what factors should recruiters take into consideration in order to effectively tap into local talent pools and how can The Recruiter Link network help them?

A recruiter should take some time to familiarise themselves with the target market. Will people speak English? What other Multinationals also operate in this environment, how are they performing? What opportunities are there for further growth? What socio-political factors need to be taken into account? The list is endless but that’s where The Recruiter Links can help.

We are there to make the introduction process far quicker and easier for both parties, with user ratings and clear data on their collaboration track record. Also, if you’re in doubt ask us. We have a wealth of international recruitment experience and can assist wherever possible to make the collaboration process as painless and productive as possible.

The expansion of the EU and increased trading activities within the BRICSa (including South Africa) nations has opened up a number of new markets. Which regions would you say offer the greatest opportunities for UK recruiters looking to extend their reach?

Asia still offers huge potential for UK recruiters. Recruitment markets still have a long way to develop in most countries in the region, including China. The acute skills shortage across the region makes it a very candidate driven market which creates opportunity for collaboration if say, you can access talent in the UK that is looking to return home to Asia.

Asia also offers potential from an outbound perspective as Asian and particularly Chinese firms buy businesses in Europe and the US. With that comes great opportunities for collaboration between UK and locally based Asian recruiters – one who understands the client and the other who understands the local market.

Many developing economies, including all the BRICSa have traditionally lost talent to emigration and greateropportunity in western countries. This is switching quickly with huge opportunities for returning nationals to go back to their home countries and utilise their skills, experience and education in the west. Again, this fits ideally with the recruiter to recruiter collaboration. A recruiter in London may know an ideal candidate who is looking to return but not the local job market in that country. By partnering with a local recruiter he can monetise that market knowledge quickly.

What do you see as being some of the key challenges moving forward for both recruiters and job seekers alike?

Recruiters are still quite focused on their core business areas and often let opportunities pass them by. We hope that platforms like TRL will enable recruiters, especially Independents, to think across a wider spectrum and work with their clients on broader engagements and talent flow. Finally, just try it! You have nothing to lose and financially, the upside can be limitless.

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The Recruiter Link | International & Specialist Collaboration

The Recruiter Link (TRL) is a platform that enables and promotes international & specialist collaboration in recruitment. It allows recruiters to quickly and effectively network with trusted partners globally in order to share their infrastructure, leads, jobs and candidates to generate additional revenue streams not previously open to them.

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TRL is headed by an International team with over 20 years recruiting experience in Europe and Asia. They have seen recruitment evolve and globalise and are excited by the opportunities for collaborative recruitment in the coming years.

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