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Men Vs Women the Celebrity Gender Pay Gap


A recent campaign launched by Ladbrokes Sports has revealed the wages of some of sports most talented and well known stars.

As the UK looks set to reduce the gender pay gap within all industries it seems that our celebrity stars may not be following suit with some male footballers being paid 255% more than females.

Celebrity pay gap in sports

The average UK worker earns £577 a week (male) and £479 per week (female) which shows the current inequality in payment scales around the country. However, it seems that the most drastic gender pay gap is from our most loved celebrities!

Ladbrokes has revealed how the pay differences between the top men and women of athletics, MMA, horse racing and football which revealed shocking results.

ladbrokesThe hours spent training in the field, the sweat, and the tailored diets have to be rewarded somehow,. Therefore, payday is much anticipated. In athletics, the pay received is even less than the average for a normal working Brit however, they do compensate with endorsements.

In football, Wayne Rooney earns over £300K per week which is 255% times more than Stephanie Houghton for the same sport. One might say this is because male football has more events than females. But how to explain that women jockeys train an hour more every day than their male counterparts for less money?

A full list of finances and exercise routines can be seen at


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