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What Are Millennials Looking For From An Employer?


In the past, our parents and grandparents would have spent their entire career in a single position within the same company – more often than not having followed in the footsteps of their parents before them.

Today, however, Millennials are a completely new generation of employees with a drastically different outlook on what they expect from their employers.

We now live in a time where changing your job is not just the norm, but actively encouraged. Do you know how long the average millennial stays in the same role? Just two years. Part of the reason for this short turn around is that they are not willing to stick around if they do not believe that they are receiving any personal benefit or growth.

They don’t just want to work in the role they desire, but for the most attractive company – the one that offers the most benefits. So, what exactly are millennials looking for in an employer?

The opportunity to grow

Some 76% of UK hiring managers believe that millennials are driven by money, but that is not entirely correct. The majority of millennials – 53% – actually desire the opportunity to work on interesting projects. Similarly, they are not happy to sit in the same role year after year – and so are motivated by a company that provides a clear progression path and gives them the chance to work their way up through the business.


Millennials are keen to train, enabling them to better themselves both to progress in the current role and for any future roles. There are so many new skills out there to be learnt and roles that cover more than one skillset, that many want to expand their knowledge – allowing them to work across and move around roles, should the opportunity present itself.

Say you work in sales, you might be perfectly good at your job but could you be even better? If your company invested in sales training it will enable you to grow your confidence and therefore give you the ability to perform at a higher level – benefitting not just you, but ultimately, the company as a whole.

A coach, not a boss

Millennials require greater accessibility to the leadership in their office – looking for more mentorship rather than just direction. Research has shown that these young employees are most likely to leave their job because of their boss. They want to feel like they are supported and valued – the best way to achieve this is by receiving feedback throughout the year.

Flexible and remote working hours

A study from online workplace Elance-oDesk found that 41% of millennials would like flexible working conditions. They are starting to see the traditional 9-5 as old fashioned, especially as so much is done digitally now, meaning that your work can take place from pretty much anywhere, at any time. Many businesses are already leaving the confines of an office to move on with the times and offering remote working, while others allow you to choose your own hours as long as you work your contracted ones. This allows employees far more freedom and flexibility to fit their work in around their personal life as and when necessary.

Company Culture

Do you know why certain companies are so desirable to work for? Company culture plays a huge part in boosting employee satisfaction – this article in the Telegraph revealed the ten best places to work in the UK based. Work environment, company ethics and career progression were all cited as major factors in employee happiness.