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The Missing Links In Your Hiring Process


The latest figures from online jobs search site Adzuna suggests that the number of job vacancies is now exceeding applicants. Advertised vacancies increased by 3.5% from January to reach 1.23 million last month. With the added uncertainty over Brexit, a candidate shortfall seems inevitable. To avoid a skills shortage in your business, your hiring process must be streamlined and responsive but for many candidates that isn’t their experience. ​

Are these the missing links in your hiring process?

Rapid online application : One third of your prospective candidates won’t spend more than 15 minutes completing an online job application. The more you ask job seekers to repeat the same information, the less likely they are to hit ‘apply’. Netflix offers the fastest job application with a total of a one minute application time and five screening questions. Facebook, Amazon and Google also rank highly in rapid job submissions. While you may not be able to match their standards, streamline your application process to ensure you attract the attention of qualified candidates and offer a ‘one click’ apply option too.