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Mobile Apps: How They're Used in Recruitment


When you leave the house there are a few things you try to not forget – keys, wallet and, these days, phone. With such a vast user-base as that of mobile phones, it made sense for employers to jump on the bandwagon to begin using mobile applications for recruiting people, and not just in IT jobs.

While the natural assumption would be that the technology industry itself would be the first to get in on the app revolution for recruitment, and perhaps most specifically the software side of things rather than a database manager position, in actuality some big, non-tech brands have made their own foray into it.

McDonald’s, one of the largest companies in the entire world, not only has a mobile app that lets you find your nearest restaurant and see nutrition information, it also has a careers section. The page loads an employer brand video, which highlights the benefits of working for the company, and it also lets users fill out an application or even directly email a restaurant manager about employment opportunities.