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Mobile Recruiting … All The Kids Are Doin’ It


Mobile recruitment is on the rise right now. Many companies have already realized that they can hire competent employees through their mobile phones.

This is expected if we consider that in America, one-third of the people own at least one mobile device. Also, two-thirds of mobile phone users use their smartphone for browsing the Web and sending tweets on Twitter, and about half of them are known to use their phones in the restroom. Thus, companies nowadays should harness the power of mobile networks to secure great talent.

The simplest mobile recruitment campaign is sending text messages. First, a company can obtain a list of mobile phone numbers. Then the owners of those phone numbers receive text messages from the company regarding positions they can apply for, the requirements for each position, and application instructions. Usually application is through the Internet, so interested applicants can use their smartphones to apply immediately. Text messaging satisfies the basic requirement of mobile recruiting: hiring employees. It takes only a small cost for companies to incorporate this feature into their hiring practices.