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Most Office Romances End in Long Term Love


We have all watched an office romance brew, develop, fizzle out or indeed last. With them being such a common act in the workplace and Valentine’s Day around the corner, TipTopJob investigates how office romances end up.

TipTopJob surveyed over 1000 users to find out if office romances ended in long term love, a short term fling, they were left as friends or if it was the end of a once friendship. 52% of people have witnessed an office romance end in a fairy-tale with long term love and the couple remaining together happily.

The survey also found that a quarter witnessed short term flings, slightly more (23%) ended in an amicable friendship and 17% sadly saw the end a friendship all together.

Spokesperson, Corinne at TipTopJob commented,

“Office romances are not uncommon. It is important if you are getting involved in such a romance that it is handled correctly as you do not want to end up without a job. It is easy to become unfocused when you are falling for someone. We have some tips in our Career Centre should you want some advice on dealing with a blossoming office romance yourself to make sure you handle it in the best way!”