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Construction Recruitment Agency Predicts Industry Will ‘Ride the Wave of Brexit’


With Brexit casting a shadow of uncertainty over the future of UK construction, especially with regards to recruitment, many agencies, businesses and construction workers themselves are eager to see how things will unfold, wanting to work with an air of confidence to dispel of any negativity.

National recruitment agency, Rhino Site Services, has this week launched their predictions, feeling that the industry will ‘ride the wave of Brexit’ and ‘come out on top’. Based in the Welsh capital, the Cardiff firm are currently surrounded by positivity, with Welsh Government just today releasing a new £20m ‘innovative housing scheme’, giving the country the financial backing they need to make 2017 a year of greatness.

rb-2In a recent release, the business said:  

‘As one of the most impacted industries by Brexit, construction will no doubt continue to repair itself from the uncertainty that the referendum brought. While the vote in June resulted in many companies bringing their recruitment plans to a halt, things are starting to look up, especially over the course of the last few months. We believe that the industry will very much ride the wave of Brexit, coming out strong at the end.’

‘This does however mean that the fight to obtain talent in the limited skills market will tighten, with companies eager to bag the highly-skilled in order to grab 2017 by the horns and take projects forward. Just this week the Office for National Statistics told that employment in the UK is at an all-time high, meaning there is little to no surplus in the market to take up the slack.’ Predicting that their agency will see many more clients wanting to work with temporary contracts in order to obtain some sort of control in this time of flux, Rhino Site Services are gearing up for their biggest year to date, investing in new members of staff to build out their ‘Temporary’ section of the business. Appointing a new, experienced Agent to deal with an expected influx from the Build sector, Jason Foat, the latest recruit, says:

‘While possessing a winning attitude, with economic uncertainty we will always see reservations coming from employers, with we at Rhino Site Services expecting many to revel in the benefits that temporary contracts boast. Needing staff to be flexible in these forever-changing times, we expect more and more of our clients to move over to temporary staffing, needing that control’

Placing a focus on newly-qualified construction workers, Rhino also believe 2017 will be the year of the graduate.

‘With Brexit being a subject that has captivated the youth, many construction firms will be looking to introduce fresh blood into the industry, even in this time of flux’ Foat continues.  

While thoroughly enjoying the business’ enthusiasm, only time will tell just how recruiters in this space will cope with the changes Brexit will action