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Networking is a Powerful Tool


I have always been a firm advocate of networking, there cannot be a better way to meet someone that I would like to do business with.  I have found that networking offers an effective and supportive way to share information and I had no better evidence this week when I heard of three split fees within our TEAM network, all at full fees and completed within three weeks of the Members first talking to each other. The total amount of these particular split fees was £28k.

As TEAM has grown and developed the original network with perhaps 20 or so meetings a year  has evolved to now 70 + meetings including our Annual Conference, Regional and Sector Meetings and seminars and workshops held up and down the country, becoming essential tools of the TEAM Membership. We also recently held our first joint overseas networking day with our partners in NPAworldwide with about 100 recruiters from many parts of the world meeting for the first time in London. Something we hope will become a regular feature.

Members all agree that the back to basics approach of actually talking to other Members face to face rather than using technology is surprisingly good fun!  There is always a great buzz in the room whether Members meet for the first time or pick up on the existing relationship. This year’s TEAM Annual Conference exceeded all expectations with some 370 recruiters all meeting up for a day.

Networking and the sharing of vacancies has become particularly relevant in this candidate led market, where finding the right candidate is the main element of any placement. Members are taking along their vacancies and candidates to the meetings and openly sharing, when the vacancy is discussed a hand across the room is raised to say “I can help!”

Having said earlier that the face to face meeting works, and it does, technology within TEAM can also help this along.  TEAM has recently partnered with one of their suppliers to improve the look and feel of our website to add more functionality to the site for existing Members.  Our Members are now networking via the Xchange portal with great success. Recently the daily value of fees available to share exceeded £1 million for the first time.

To succeed with networking be prepared with your business cards and enjoy talking to the people present, be open and honest with everyone you meet, it will be appreciated.


Liz Longman is the Managing Director of TEAM (The Employment Agents Movement). Liz has been involved in recruitment for over 20 years, before joining TEAM some ten years ago she headed up a region for a generalist agency.

Liz covered every sector of recruitment from supplying temporary workers, permanent placements at an Executive level and a Managed Service Contract. Liz has always been passionate about customer service and aims to offer the TEAM Membership and all associated with the network a first class service.

The TEAM network of agencies with over 500 locations and a combined turnover of over £1 billion is the largest network of independent recruitment agents in the UK. TEAM’s main ethos is to assist in the promotion and networking of business and innovations in the recruitment industry across its Membership.

TEAM also works closely with NPAworldwide helping to support its Members recruiting globally.


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