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New BP Businesses can Attract Fresh Talent Pools to the Oil and Gas Sector


In light of the recent news that BP has set the target of creating five unicorns by 2025 in an attempt to tackle the “dual challenge” of providing more energy with fewer carbon dioxide emissions, rail and energy recruitment specialist, Samuel Knight International, has urged the energy giant to use this opportunity to attract more professionals to the skill-short sector.

The oil and gas industry has historically battled with negative press regarding climate change and also struggled to attract the number of professionals needed due to outdated stereotypes, however as BP aims to create new businesses which will address environmental issues, this can be the ideal time to attract fresh new talent.

Shaun Docherty, Divisional Manager of Oil and Gas at Samuel Knight International, commented:

“This is certainly welcomed news for the sector, and also much needed. We have all witnessed the growing pressure from climate activists and investors to move away from fossil fuels and embrace cleaner energy, and this announcement from BP is a step in the right direction. Advanced technology is helping to create new, eco-friendly forms of energy, while still meeting demand, however the core issue is that there are not enough people in the sector to meet targets. Unfortunately, the industry suffers from antiquated stereotypes, and many Millennial and Gen Z professionals don’t want to be working in a sector that has been linked to climate change.

However, BP now has a new opportunity to show people that companies are, in fact, helping to provide solutions for environmental issues, and that by being part of these businesses, individuals can make a difference to the world. It’s important that BP share this message, and utilise this opportunity to attract fresh new talent.”


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