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New Commissioner Wants EU Data Protection Laws For UK Despite Brexit


According to comments made by the new UK Information Commissioner on BBC Radio 4’s PM programme, she would support the UK adopting EU data protection laws, even after Brexit.

Talking About GDPR.

New UK Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, made her comments about The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is due to come into force in early 2018.

The UK was very involved in the drafting of the regulation which was designed to make companies take the issue of data protection more seriously and to strengthen the rights that EU citizens have over their data. Even though GDPR originated in the EU, it should apply to all companies worldwide that process the data of EU citizens.

Equivalent Law.

Elizabeth Denham stated on the radio programme that she supported the UK adopting the EU regulation even post-Brexit because if the UK is to continue doing business with Europe, British businesses will need to share information and provide services for EU customers. It should (according to Ms Denham) therefore follow that the data protection law should be equivalent.