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New eBook Shows Video Interviewing is Suitable for All Roles


We all know the benefits of Video Interviewing. We know Video Interviewing will save us time and money, enable us to select the best candidates from anywhere in the world, is flexible for both candidates and interviewers and the icing on the cake is the fairness of process. We know that!  However, we are often asked common questions such as “What roles are best for video interviewing?” or “Can I use Sonru for Senior level and niche roles?” 

There’s only one way to answer these questions and that’s with empirical data so we put the Sonru research department to work who trawled through the user data from over 30,000 randomly selected recruitment campaigns and the findings are contained in our brand new eBook “Role On Video Interviewing“. Here’s a taster of what we found.

Video Interviewing Works for All Roles

The analysis of 220,000 interviews completed on the Sonru system between 2011 and 2016 found that automated Video Interviewing is suitable for all roles, from entry through to senior level. We looked at how the Video Interviewing Candidate has evolved over the years and then at four specific role types – senior/director level roles, mid level roles, internal roles and graduate & campus recruitment. We wanted to find out if there were any variances in these role types by sector, completion rate, perceived benefits and we also assembled both candidate feedback, client vignettes from Concern Worldwide, Rolls-Royce and Nestlé Australia and EE and much more.