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New Tool Combines Assessments and Competency-based Video Interview


International assessment specialist cut-e and video interview provider ZeroLime have launched a complete mobile-enabled selection tool – combining assessments and a competency-based video interview – to make it quicker and easier for organisations of all sizes to recruit new staff.

Called VIPA (which stands for Video Interview and Psychometric Assessment), the new tool creates a short application form, with questions and eligibility checks, that candidates complete on an Apple or Android device. Any of cut-e’s personality, ability or situational judgement tests can be included or customised assessments can be created. Each candidate then records themselves answering competency-based questions. After reviewing the video interviews of candidates who achieved the required score in the assessments, recruiters can create a shortlist of those with the desired communication skills and motivation.

“VIPA offers a quick, convenient, mobile-enabled recruitment option that provides a great candidate experience,” said Dr Achim Preuss, Chief Technology Officer of cut-e. “A key benefit is that candidates don’t have to change devices to apply for a role. It also saves time for recruiters by delivering rigorous assessment and a competency-based video interview. We can recommend specific assessments to suit a wide range of job roles, so you can ensure that you’ll fairly and objectively recruit candidates who will be the right fit for the role and for your organisation.”

Unlike other video interview options, VIPA is not a module which sits on an Applicant Tracking System. However, it can complement an ATS if required.

“Many candidates search for jobs on a mobile device but relatively few companies have a mobile-enabled recruitment process, either because their ATS doesn’t support video or their application form isn’t optimised for mobile devices,” said Dr Preuss.

“VIPA doesn’t need an ATS, so if your organisation doesn’t have one, it’s not a problem, you can still benefit from mobile-enabled recruitment. But if you do have an ATS, you can seamlessly integrate the data from VIPA and then use your ATS to track candidates from the interview stage.”

cut-e and ZeroLime have already introduced VIPA at a leading fast-food retailer and an airline.

“This tool fills a gap in the market,” said Dr Preuss. “It will particularly benefit organisations that have ‘walk-in’ applicants, such as retail and hospitality companies, as well as recruitment agencies who want to provide clients with a shortlist of possible candidates. It can also help volume recruiters, for example those who recruit for call centres or airline cabin crew. Because it’s customisable, you can tailor it to suit any need, so it could even support event-based hiring for graduate and apprenticeship roles. Our clients have been very impressed with it.”

Mats Wernheim, Chief Executive Officer of ZeroLime, said:

“Working with cut-e gives us a unique vantage point for revolutionising the global recruitment market. I look forward to the opportunities that this partnership enables.”

Through its partnership with ZeroLime, cut-e has the global reseller rights for VIPA and it will market the tool worldwide.

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