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New Platform for HR Aims to Connect Strategic Thinkers


A new online platform built for leaders in HR will enable professionals to make the switch from operational to strategic thinking by bringing them the latest industry insights and knowledge needed to make critical business decisions.

The Circal app has been built exclusively for the HR profession by Expedite, the company behind Working Futures, who have partnered with technology developers and consultants OJO Solutions on the project.

Together, they have created an innovative, flexible HR resource, powered by machine learning, with unique networking and professional development opportunities for users 24/7 through personalised news feeds, podcasts, videos and community forums.

Christian Milam, Managing Director at Expedite, has over 2 decades of experience in HR, specialising in advising HRDs on how to improve business performance by achieving their optimal HR model, including selecting and implementing HR systems to solve strategic challenges.

He said:

“There’s never been a more exciting time to work in HR, but it’s also an industry that’s changing rapidly, which makes keeping up with the latest thinking, trends and research hard when you have a busy schedule filled with meetings.

“The concept of Circal actually began in one of our workshop sessions with HRDs discussing this very challenge. Often, the best way to solve a problem is to speak to your peers, to collaborate with those working through the same issues. However, many leaders don’t have access to an external network of professionals able to offer real, tangible solutions.

“This set us thinking. We thought ‘surely there’s an app for that’ and when we couldn’t find anything to fit the bill, we began the journey to build Circal from the ground up.”

Created as a solution for busy HRDs to access all the information they need about their industry in one place, Circal has already received positive feedback from early adopters, including McDonald’s, Capgemini, Lloyds Bank and BBA Aviation.

Using AI, the app will bring HR leaders the content that’s most relevant to them. As well as access to exclusive content – written articles, audio, video and events for Circal users – its in-built tools will scour the internet for the best news sources, bringing these together in one manageable place, dynamically curated to fit individual needs.

Nathan Baranowski, Managing Director at OJO Solutions, said:

“Disruptive technologies are influencing and altering decision making for HR Directors worldwide. Leaders are currently grappling with these changes, caused by new trends within HR, from using AI within the hiring process to creating a diverse workforce.

“In order to act on these developments, it’s important to have best industry practice at your fingertips. With the latest information available, you can create a robust, long-term strategy which allows you to gain a competitive advantage.

“The Circal app will do all of this, allowing senior leaders opportunities for real-time learning within a unique professional community.”


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