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New Recruitment Firm Focuses on Digital Economy


Digital recruitment specialists partner up with heavyweight industry backers to found Native Gravity, a new recruitment company dedicated to creating an interactive community for the international digital economy

Native Gravity launched in April 2017, founded by two experienced marketing & digital recruitment seniors: Mark Robins and Andrew Stoves. Their new brand is founded on a commitment to digital creative, digital marketing and digital technology.

“I see a gap in the market within the digital recruitment space that sits between the big tech recruiters and the small boutique creative recruiters to deliver full end-to-end digital talent. Effectively I will be building a ‘digital hub’ full of energy and expertise to deliver the best talent in this marketplace,” says Robins.

How Native Gravity works differently

Native Gravity is a digital recruiter that is culturally aligned with the tech and creative companies that it works for, and is able to understand today’s digital native candidates. With the UK economy projected to have a shortfall of 300,000 digital professionals by 2020[1], there is a critical need for recruiters to target the digital sector.

“Competition for higher-level digital skills is already increasing, especially in roles with specialist skill sets,” says Robins. “If employers want to achieve growth and capitalise on the opportunities that disruptive new technology can bring, they need a recruitment agency that is built to service their needs from day one.”

Robins and Stoves are convinced that building a first-class digital community to meet the growing needs of the economy is vital. Skill shortages in specialist fields will only become more acute after  Brexit; even before the Brexit deadline, it is predicted that digital business will need 500% more key digital jobs[2]. In a sector that already outperforms the general economy in job growth, there is a pressing need for a true community to connect and inform digital professionals.

Flexing to work around individual projects

Native Gravity will evolve the current recruitment model to meet the needs of their digital community as well as their client base, creating a space for advisory, technology-led and project-based work. Through their own ‘Native Hub’ the company supports and offers networking opportunities to keep digital professionals at the forefront of the industry. Staffed by digital specialists and industry experts, Native Gravity enjoys a performance-based, not rules-based culture, attracting recruitment professionals who are passionate about leading changes.

For instance, in an industry where fast-growing companies require specialist recruitment & talent functions, but rarely have the resources at hand to support initial growth, Native Gravity offers the means to embed its consultants in the company on a fixed-term contract. This gives the ultimate in agile, tech-friendly recruitment; a way to increase head count through quality as well as speed.

The digital sector employs 3% of the UK workforce, and contributes £69 billion Gross Value Added to the UK economy. Committing to service the growing needs of this sector through the most appropriate methods is what Native Gravity is all about. Building a community of networking digital professionals, aided by experienced digital specialists, and working with an agile, flexible range of services, is the only way to meet these needs.

This has already been recognised by the well-established recruitment trade association – Apsco, which is partnering with Native Gravity as the company consolidates its launch this summer.


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