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The New Recruitment Rules


Recruitment is changing. Gone are the traditional methods of posting jobs and waiting for talent to apply.

These are the new rules:-

Your employee voice matters : What your employees say about you online directly impacts the success of your talent acquisition strategy. The effect of Glassdoor’s ‘recommend to a friend’ rating was apparent in its newly published ’20 Most Recommended Tech Employers in the UK, based exclusively on employee feedback. Likewise, all of the companies in its Best Places To Work survey were chosen by employees. Creating an effective employee experience must be a priority for your future recruitment success.

No hire is better than a bad hire : The ‘scramble’ to fill predicted post-Brexit skills gaps is all too frequently accompanied by a simultaneous rise in poor hiring decisions. A rushed hiring process based on intuition and a race to recruit ‘anyone’ has potentially serious consequences for your business and your ability to attract talent. Support your hiring process with recruitment software that automates key processes, identifies problematic areas and frees up HR’s time to focus on engaging with and evaluating qualified candidates.