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New Software Enables Recruitment Agencies and HR Departments to Create Online Forms


A new business software package, launched today, enables anyone familiar with Microsoft Word to create professional, interactive online eForms without having to bring in expensive web developers or internal IT help.

VF Creator, from leading eForm provider Victoria Forms, will help recruitment agencies and employers to design and customise forms within Microsoft Word and convert them into professional-looking online forms.

Duncan Bayne, the owner and founder of Victoria Forms, explains:

“In today’s digital society, there is an expectation that all forms can be completed online, at any time, through multiple devices including smartphones. Paper (or PDF-style) forms are expensive to administer and create a negative impression of a company for clients, candidates and existing staff.”

Until now, creating online forms has been a time-intensive and expensive process, requiring an IT specialist or a third party to carry out the eForms design work, especially for organisations that produce a lot of different forms or need to make regular amendments.

VF Creator eForms can be accessed by users 24/7 and there is no need for printing or posting. VF Creator eForms help and guide the user through the form, intelligently switching sections on or off depending on relevancy, making it much easier to fill in. The eForm also checks itself for errors, ensuring high quality data the first time around, reducing administration time. Users can sign forms on screen, making the process 100 per cent paper-free. The software can also be integrated with back-office systems, getting rid of the need for re-keying information by staff.

Big Sky Additions, an accountancy search and selection agency in Norwich, chose Victoria Forms to help them turn their most important paper and PDF forms into smart online eForms.

Justin Murray, Director of Big Sky Additions, says:

“Candidates often still have to spend up to half an hour filling in lengthy paper registration forms in an agency’s office, or they have to print off PDFs from an email and post them back. This doesn’t create a favourable first impression of the agency. Plus, it causes an administration headache for staff, who should be spending their time on delivering a stand-out, personalised service to clients and candidates, not dealing with admin.

“We worked with Victoria Forms to create a streamlined online registration process so that we can simply send a link to candidates after our initial meeting. They then submit all the required documentation online, at a time that suits them, attaching their photo and even providing a digital signature. Similarly, we can email clients a link to our terms of business forms for online acceptance. We then receive a PDF of the completed forms which we attach to their record in our CRM system.

“Switching to online forms has significantly reduced our paperwork and boosted efficiency, increased the speed and rate of our candidate registrations and enhanced our image.”

In future, Big Sky will use the new software VF Creator from Victoria Forms to make changes to their forms in-house. Justin Murray adds:

“This will be very beneficial for certain forms which aren’t as standardised such as terms of business.”

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