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New Sympa Salary Review Tool Helps Combat Unequal Salary Distribution


Sympa, the fastest growing HR solution provider in the Nordics, has announced the launch of a salary review tool that helps businesses fairly simulate, track, and update employee salaries. The tool’s launch marks the final phase of an extensive co-development project in which Sympa worked closely with Swedish business customers to identify and address challenges related to annual salary review processes.

9 out of 10 Swedish workers fall under the protection of collective agreements and some of the most stringent equal pay legislation in the world. The annual salary review is therefore regarded as the main pain point for Swedish businesses that do not have the right tools to ensure a smooth process. Now HR managers around Europe can use Sympa’s tool to digitally propose fixed or percentage raises in a safe and centralized HR system.

Used in conjunction with performance reviews, the tool removes the need for manual salary changes for each employee and provides full transparency for decision-makers, allowing them to address any unequal distribution of salaries and make informed business decisions, trusting the data is up-to-date and secure.

“At Sympa, our greatest priority is to build HR solutions that suit our customers and their needs,” says Sympa CEO Keijo Karjalainen. “It is very important we know what people think of our system when they use it. This is why we maintain an active and constant dialogue with our customers and other stakeholders. The co-development project that preceded the launch of our new tool was no exception, and as a result, we believe we have created the exact tool our customers need to perform efficient salary reviews,” he continues.

Johanna Löfgren, Customer Success Manager at Sympa, meets HR-professionals in different types of organizations on a daily basis.

“It’s clear that the annual salary review is a real pain for HR. Having to update several sheets of data, while also making sure the update flow goes from HR to management and beyond, is not very safe, secure, efficient or transparent. In fact, it can negatively impact the entire organization if not performed in an efficient way,” she says.

“We wanted to help our customers by solving this problem. This tool was developed together with our customers and showcases our values: on top of making salary raises more transparent and equal, it can have a big overall impact on salary distribution in the long run, for instance across different genders and age groups. This is a prime example of why I enjoy the dialogue with our customers so much!” she continues.

Founded in 2005 in Finland, Sympa currently partners with more than 650 organizations, including BMW, Scania, and ABAX to nurture the development of their employees, operate more efficiently, and make smarter strategic decisions through its fully digital HR solutions. Winner of the 2019 HR Solution Implementation Project of the year, Sympa has one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in HR technology in Europe.


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