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New Tips To Increase Your LinkedIn Response Rate In 2016


I remember when I first got access to LinkedIn Recruiter. I logged in to the tool and immediately something caught my eye… “Inmail credits: 17,148 remaining.” What!? This was a sourcers dream! I immediately put together a template and started sending out the same inmail to dozens and dozens of candidates who I thought could be a fit for my Java Developer role.

A few weeks later I was playing around and came across a report called Inmail Analytics. I pulled it up and saw that it listed all of the inmail response rates for everyone who worked at my company. I started scrolling to find my name to see how fabulous my response rate was. I was on a rolling sending out these inmails by using the easy-to-create templates; surely I had one of the highest. Then I saw it…Kerri Mills –16% response rate.

I was shocked. I knew I wasn’t getting a ton of response back, but 16%, really!? I sat there for hours, trying to figure out what was going on and why I was at the bottom of the totem pole compared to a lot of my colleagues.