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New to recruitment: 5 things you need to know


Too many new and hungry recruitment consultants plan on hitting the ground running when they enter the profession, only to end up falling over their own feet when they become entangled in the common mistakes made by novices. Passion, determination and commitment are not enough to succeed in this intensive field; a concerted plan of action is just as vital. Follow these essential tips if you’re new to recruitment, and not only will they ease your entry into this world, but from that sure start you can expect a steady and fulfilling career.

Know how the recruitment industry works

1.  An agency acts as the intermediary between an organisation – the client or ‘employer’ – wanting a vacancy filled and the most suitable individual – the candidate or ‘contractor’- seeking employment. But it’s not as straightforward as that. An agency’s reputation is built on supplying ideal candidates for specific posts, and that involves a time-intensive recruiting management cycle that begins with sourcing the best person for the job, liaising with the client, through to securing the recruit while ensuring both parties are satisfied. Responsibility and results are key to your job.