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A New Twist of How to Handle Behavioral Job Interview Sessions


Interviews are needless to say stressful. Fraught with high anxiety and nervous energy, candidates might struggle in today’s competitive global job market. Internal HR people and business line managers have been trained and steeped in “behavioral based job interview techniques”. Based on the assumption   that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, the Interviewers are prepared to grill experienced professional and college students—alike.

Needless to say, preparation is the key. I proposed that a competitive edge can be gained by the candidate when the interview turns into the “selling phase”. Specifically, the prospective job candidate should explain with examples and factual details, how they were able to live and breathe their current company’s Employer Brand. In other words, how did their everyday behavior model their firm’s Employer Brand? How did they represent it?

Did they take to social media to extol the merits of their current company?  Did they volunteer to be an Employer Brand Ambassador for their firm? Did they constantly and successfully refer quality candidates to the company?

Additionally, the job applicant should research and find out about the new firm Employer Brand and its EVP. Examples and stories should be developed about how they would contribute and live the new Employer Brand based on their experiences and work results.

In a word, any creative and factual differentiator which will spotlight the candidate as a “cut above” the herd should be used in today’s ultra-competitive global job market.


Former Monsanto Director of Employment Branding & Recruitment Marketing and Lead, University Recruiting (& volunteer Diversity Train-the-Trainer) in Corporate Human Resources

A former Chicagoan and ex-resident of Hertfordshire county England, Johnny is an award-winning Global Recruiting & Employer Branding executive with 15+ years in building/leading global & regional talent acquisition and employer branding functions at several Fortune 500 companies. He was an Employer Branding Director at Randstad Sourceright and has been Director, Employment Branding & University Relations at Monsanto in St. Louis for 5 & ½ years. Prior, he was at Lockheed in Maryland, as head office Corporate Staffing Supervisor & Senior Recruiter. Mr. Nesbitt attended Michigan Graduate Business School and graduated with an MBA (Finance) from Rutgers Graduate Business School in 1988; he also holds a BA in Anthropology from Amherst w/Dean’s list honors & a Professional Banking Diploma from American Institute of Banking-NYC Chapter, 1982; he an authored articles for RecruitmentBuzz on Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition. He is an appointed judge for the Employer Brand Management Awards MENA and the Web Marketing Association; now divorced Johnny, enjoys reading & writing, spending time with his British girlfriend travelling & playing with his beloved (“sidekick”) – a Shih Tzu pup named “Bugsy”.


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