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The NHS : Finding A Way Through The Staffing Crisis


The NHS is facing a widely reported staffing crisis, highlighted by frequent reports throughout this winter period of A&E departments unable to cope with unprecedented patient levels.

How can it respond to and navigate a way through this crisis?

This article examines the ways in which it is responding, in particular to GP recruitment shortages, highlighting the Trusts that are making HR driven steps forward and looks at developments in AI and ongoing hiring strategies.

Preparing for Brexit

The CIPD recently reported that the healthcare sector may already be feeling the effects of Brexit. Online job searches from Eastern Europe for health and social care jobs fell by a reported 17% in the wake of the referendum vote. In 2016, PwC predicted that Brexit’s biggest impact across the NHS would be its effect on GP recruitment. The anticipated triggering of Article 50 by the end of March will reinforce these concerns.