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North Wales Recruiter Warns of Mininum Wage Changes


April will see another increase in the National Minimum Wage and Living Wage.

Supertemps is encouraging clients and candidates to be aware of the changes.
The National Minimum Wage is the lowest wage per hour a worker is entitled to in the United Kingdom.

The National Living Wage applies to workers aged 25 and over.
From April the changes will look like this:

  • Age 25+:  Your current rate is £7.83, rising to £8.21 on April 1
  • Aged 21-24: Your current rate is 7.38 rising to £7.70 on April 1
  • Aged 18-20: Your current rate is £5.90, rising to £6.15 on April 1
  • Aged below-18: Your current rate is £4.20, rising to £4.35 on April 1
  • Apprentice: Your current rate is £3.70, rising to £3.90 on April 1

Sarah Ellwood, managing director of the Colwyn Bay, Anglesey and Bangor-based recruitment firm, urged business owners to make sure they are compliant with the new legislation.

“It is crucial employers have the new and correct rates in place ahead of April 1,” said Mrs Ellwood.

“If any of our clients or candidates have any questions please get in touch as there are serious repercussions for those who fail to implement them in time.”

Chancellor Philip Hammond has launched a review into the future of the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage after 2020.

It will be conducted by Professor Arin Dube and consider the views of employers, trade unions, the Low Pay Commission and other stakeholders.

The move was welcomed by Bryan Sanderson, chair of the Commission, who added:

“We will be engaging with the government over the coming months on our post-2020 remit, to help shape the remit and make sure it reflects what we know of the National Minimum Wage so far.”

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