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O.C. Tanner Can Now Dissect a Company’s Culture in Just Eight Weeks


O.C. Tanner has launched a culture assessment service which allows organisations to quickly and easily assess their workplace culture. The service has been developed followings extensive research with thousands of employees worldwide and following close collaboration with a Harvard Business School professor. The service dissects an organisation’s culture based upon six key elements, providing actionable results that can increase engagement, improve retention and lead to overall job satisfaction.

“Up until now, there hasn’t been a simple tool for accurately and holistically assessing workplace culture and so few organisations fully understand their culture and the impact it’s having on employee engagement and motivation levels”, says Robert Ordever, Managing Director of workplace culture specialist, O.C. Tanner Europe. “Our new culture assessment service takes away the guesswork, providing organisations with a thorough understanding of multiple areas of their culture within just eight weeks.”

The culture assessment service, which can replace or complement employee engagement surveys, uses simple, proven methodology to provide measurement, in-depth analysis and actionable recommendations so that organisations can build inspiring workplace cultures. It focuses on the six key elements of purpose, opportunity, success, appreciation, wellbeing and leadership which, following global research with 10,000 employees, O.C. Tanner discovered to be the building blocks of organisational culture.

Split into three tiers, the service ranges from a basic survey with a benchmark comparison and insights into the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, through to a comprehensive and detailed cultural analysis comprising customised questions, a year-by-year trend assessment and ‘heat maps’ so that it’s instantly clear which areas of the company are doing well, in need of improvement or requiring immediate attention. All customised questions are drawn-up following close discussions between the organisation and O.C. Tanner’s anthropologists and methodologists.

“Organisations are far too reliant on employee engagement surveys for determining staff satisfaction”, says Ordever. “These surveys are one-dimensional and potentially misleading, meaning that many organisations are failing to address the root causes of high turnover, low morale and poor performance. Our comprehensive culture assessment tool is the first of its kind to provide organisations with the in-depth insights they need to bring about positive cultural change – and quickly!”

The cost of O.C. Tanner’s culture assessment service starts from just £1,100 per organisation. To find out more contact [email protected]


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