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The Objectives of the App for your Business


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The Objectives of the App:

  1. The first, and main objective of the app is to be utilised as a tool to generate more candidates in what is a highly candidate driven market.
  2. To increase the brand and profile of your company in the candidate market place.
  3. To make clients aware that your company has an innovative cutting edge technology app to improve the service they offer to clients and candidates.
  4. To use the app as a way of encouraging existing and new candidates to refer and recommend your company to new candidates under your referral scheme.

The Benefits of the App: 

  1. Any new jobs that are posted on your Website will automatically update to the app so there is no duplication of work and admin time.
  2. You can send push messages to all your users free of charge unlike texting software which has become expensive. So there is literally no limit to the number you can send out.
  3. You will save a massive amount of time making candidates aware of new jobs leaving you free to concentrate on other areas of your work. The app will improve and enhance your candidate resourcing ability.
  4. You will be seen in the market as a company that is doing something new and is embracing technology.
  5. As well as permanent positions, this is a great tool to utilise when filling temporary bookings, contract and interim assignments.

The Approach to your Candidates: 

1. We recommend that you make a download of the app an integral part of your candidate registration process. It’s free of charge to them and takes a matter of minutes to download.
2. Explain to your candidates the following:
a. Tell your candidates that this is a tool to help you, help them, find a job more quickly and efficiently.
b. Explain to them that this is part of you forging a close, and committed relationship with them in their plans to seek new employment.
c. Explain to your candidates that they will not have to go on job boards or log into websites as they can see all your jobs through the app and of course be notified of them as soon as any new job becomes available.
d. Explain to them that they will only receive job notifications that are precisely relevant to those that they are interested in. The technology in the registration and job alert system of the app ensures this.
e. It will take no more than 4 minutes to show them how to use the app.
f. Crucially, tell your candidates about the value of keeping your app on their phone so that you can maintain a relationship with them after they have secured new employment either through you or elsewhere. This is what we call “lifetime engagement” with your candidates.
g. Finally, encourage your candidates to share the app with friends, family, colleagues through the referral system contained within the app.

How to Promote Your App 

Here are some ways in which you can promote your app. This is not an exhaustive list, but is designed to give you some initial ideas to start the process:

  1. Include downloading the app as part of the candidate registration process.
  2. Put details of the app on your candidate registration forms.
  3. Promote the app on your web homepage, and on your jobs page on your website.
  4. Promote the app on your email signatures. ( This will be seen by Candidates and Clients)
  5. Put details of the app on your paper pay slips or e-payslips
  6. Promote the app on all your job board advertising
  7. Promote the app on your next business card re-print.
  8. Include the app details on any marketing collateral you may have.
  9. Run refer a friend campaigns to all existing users.
  10. Create videos and start using them to promote your app and your business on Social Media.