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Oddball Interviews Exposed: 20 of the Craziest Questions


I’m sure we are all familiar with the BBC Three programme, The Call Centre, by now; especially the strange and slightly crazy interview process.

But for those of you who haven’t watched the show, the CEO of the Swansea centre, Nev Wilshire’s mantra is “Happy people sell” and of course, his interview process enforces this.

His off-the-wall interviews include a compulsory sing-along to The Killers’ Mr Brightside. The logic behind this? – Because “happy people sing, it lifts your spirits.” It’s safe to say however, that the candidates certainly don’t look thrilled by the prospect of serenading their potential employer; they mostly look embarrassed.

But do unusual interview questions really accomplish anything or are they just for fun? Do they provide an opportunity to get to know the candidate better, rather than asking the typical interview questions which candidates have more than likely rehearsed their responses to?

Recent reports suggest that despite Google gaining a reputation for their odd-ball interview questioning, they have now come to the conclusion that ‘think the out-of-the-box’ interview questions are now a waste of time. But what has made Google suddenly decide to stop asking mind-boggling questions? Perhaps many applicants had begun to research the answers to these problems beforehand? Or maybe it got to the point where candidates just stopped caring how many golf balls can fit into an aeroplane! According to Laszlo Bock, Google’s Senior Vice President of People Operations, “They don’t predict anything. They serve primarily to make the interviewer feel smart.”

In the run up to the release of the film everyone is talking about, The Internship, Channel 5 has decided to find out just how bizarre interview questions can be, by asking viewers to take to Twitter and vent their experiences. And using the hashtag #C5THEINTERNSHIP, literally thousands of people have been sharing with the Twitterverse!

Here at Recruitment Buzz, we have scoured the hashtag timeline in search 20 crazy questions asked by interviewers – for your entertainment. Perhaps next time you are interviewing, you can include some of these gems in your questions.

1. “If I bribed your best friend with a holiday to get her to tell me all about you, what would she say?”

2. “If you were part of a hamburger, which part would you be and why?”

3. “I am from the 17th century; explain to me what the internet is…”

4. “If you were to get this job (at a chocolate factory) would you play Willy Wonker?”

5. “If we do NOT offer you this post, how will you get your revenge?”

6. “Will you put a blindfold on, walk around and picture yourself as an old person?”

7. “Would you rather fight a horse-sized-duck or 10 duck-sized-horses?”

8. “Which two celebrities would you choose to be your parents?”

9. “Would you be interested in becoming my wife in Second Life?”

10. “Make Me Laugh. I`m bored”

11. “Give me two reasons why I should hire you, and four reasons why I shouldn’t”

12. “Did you lie as a child?”

13. “How deep do you need to bury a body so that a dog cannot find it?”

14. “You’re trapped in a room with a stranger, somebody you love and yourself, who do you eat first?”

15. “Would you like to be a WAG rather than work?”

16. “How can you be good at building relationships if you don’t have a girlfriend?

17. “Are you happy to be verbally abused on a daily basis?”

18. “I’m William Shakespeare  -now sell me a biro”

19. “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. Define milkshake.”

20. “Who’s your favourite member of one direction?”

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