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On the move: Employee mobility rises dramatically while job security drops


The latest Randstad Workmonitor, a leading global indicator of jobseeker confidence and mobility, has risen to its highest level since 2011 as more Australians believe they will be in a different role six months from now.

The findings shed a different light on expectations of softening labour statistics, with workers remaining optimistic of their ability to find alternate employment despite data showing rising unemployment and a fall in job adverts.

The Randstad Mobility Index, which currently sits at 111 and is reflective of the level seen in January 2011, is also far higher than most other nations with Britain and the USA both registering a 105 rating and New Zealand registering only 100.

Iterestingly, workers aged between 25-34 are the most confident, with this age group registering a score 13 points higher than the national average. Employees aged over 55 were the least optimistic and registering the same score as the New Zealand average.