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Avoid Spiralling Business Costs


Many of the costs associated with a business expanding just cannot be avoided – premises, staff salaries, equipment such as computers etc. With a bit of forward-thinking and good planning however, certain costs that can otherwise spiral out of control can be managed and capped.

I’ve been working with a number of recruitment businesses recently who were all struggling with their communications costs. Having taken out contracts with the likes of BT or similar when they started up, between them they were paying an average of £133 a month in call costs per consultant per month when we met. With 30+ staff per location, this quickly adds up. So how can this be avoided?

Ideally, the answer is by implementing a solution on day one that is flexible, scalable and allows for growth both in terms of functionality and cost structure. Many businesses opt for the cheapest, most basic offering initially to keep their costs down, but as soon as they grow their bills will spiral out of control. There’s often nothing that can be done to rectify this quickly as you’re tied in to an initial term, so businesses end up stuck with hefty phone bills on top of their other increasing overheads until the end of their contract period. Other issues you can encounter include things like your audio quality suffering as the volume of call traffic increases, and missing out on access to functionality and valuable call statistics which would allow you to work more efficiently. When choosing your telephony package and solution initially, even as a small business/start up you need to bear in mind your long term goals; are you planning on being successful and is your aim to grow? Of course! So implement a solution that will allow for this, and that in the long run will deliver considerably better ROI and value for money.

To put this into perspective, let’s refer back to my comment above about our customer’s average phone bills of £133 per consultant. Our solution comes with a fixed tariff which is just £17.50 per month (and includes a handset), so times that by your number of staff and you start to get an idea of the cost savings. In addition, functionality such as call recording and statistic reporting is readily available.

The solution that I’m referring to is a hosted solution. With a hosted telephony solution there’s no expensive hardware to purchase and install, nor pay to maintain on an ongoing basis. You don’t need lots of expensive phone lines coming in to your building, just an internet line – are you beginning to see why there’s such a difference in cost?! Again as you grow there is no need to invest in further physical infrastructure, and nothing changes in your office bar a few extra handsets being delivered. Another great thing about this is that if for any reason you need to scale back down, this can be easily achieved and you haven’t lost money buying hardware that is now redundant.

So, next time your phone bill arrives have a look and think about how much money you could be saving. And if you’re just starting up? Even better! Opt for a hosted solution from the outset and control one of your key costs which can otherwise spiral out of control.

If you’d like advice on reviewing your telephony or choosing a hosted telephony solution, give me a call on 03300 249012 or email [email protected]. If you’d like to read an example success story, click here to hear from one of our customers.


Joe is a driven and successful degree-qualified telecoms and unified communications specialist, with a proven track record and long list of happy customers across various sectors including recruitment. Having started working life with a spell in recruitment, he then worked for CCT/Capita IT Services before moving to Unify Communications shortly after the business was conceived. Joe has been instrumental in the growth of the company and the satisfaction of the clients to date. Joe is passionate about Unify’s offerings and strongly believes in their proven ability to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and improve the performance of businesses which comes across clearly when speaking to him. Unify’s client base includes impressive names such as The Ticket Factory, eBay, Capita, First Utility and more however Joe’s particular interest at present is in the recruitment industry following significant recent success with existing recruitment clients. Outside of work, Joe enjoys a healthy social life with his wife and their friends and family and likes to keep fit.

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