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Outsourcing Social Recruitment: Pros and Cons


The global economy is expected to grow at an accelerated pace in 2015 and 2016, and this means that many companies are preparing for hiring growth and investment in coming months. At the same time, social media sites are becoming increasingly important as top sources of quality hires. In Europe, 46% of C-level executives surveyed by LinkedIn are projecting increased staffing levels for 2015, and in North America the percentage is 57%.

Quality of hires is of critical importance to businesses everywhere, due to the expense and time involved in finding, hiring, and on-boarding new employees, and online media sources are becoming more strongly linked with high-quality hiring, outperforming sources like university recruiting, career fairs, and trade journals.

Outsourcing of Social Recruitment

Hiring the right candidate is a major undertaking even for a large enterprise with a wealth of resources available. However, with the rise of social recruitment, new resources are becoming available to businesses of all sizes, and one of the most important new resources is social recruitment outsourcing. When social recruiting is outsourced, the hiring company uses a social recruiting expert to find, qualify, and hire talent.