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Paul Howells: Schools Must Invest Time not Money to Improve their Recruitment Systems


The Education Select Committee, headed by Neil Carmichael, has called for the government to formulate a long-term plan to tackle the teacher shortage in the UK. Within 24,100 schools surveyed by the government in 2016, one third of new teachers who started in 2010 had left the profession within five years.

Paul Howells, a former teacher and CEO of Eteach the UK’s number one job board, comments,

“The Government has some responsibility but schools themselves have not focused on teacher recruitment or retention, and they are now suffering,” “In a shortage teacher ‘market’ schools are still using outdated and antiquated methods of recruiting their staff via a single source in most cases. This would not happen in any other industry or profession and this inefficiency is just making the shortages worse because changing schools is so difficult for teachers.

“Schools need to invest time not money in their recruitment systems and cast their nets more widely using all the FREE tools available creating an effective recruitment strategy. Many schools, for example, can halve their recruitment costs and achieve better results using the internet more widely to advertise teacher and leadership roles.

“To ‘raise the status’ of teaching will take a conscious effort of all those involved in the hiring, training and professional development of our teaching workforce. An ongoing pay scale to compete with other graduate career paths would improve retention.  Teachers are an essential service like doctors, social workers and nurses, making a critical difference to our future society every day. Let’s start paying them appropriately and giving them the benefits and the respect they deserve.”


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