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Pearn Kandola Launches New Podcast Series


Business psychology consultancy, Pearn Kandola, has launched Racism at Work; a new, free six-episode podcast series for those seeking to better understand the concepts of modern racism and bias (either conscious or unconscious), and their impact on the workplace, education and sport.

The podcast is hosted by Professor Binna Kandola OBE, co-founder and senior partner at Pearn Kandola, as well as the author of Racism at Work: The Danger of Indifference. For each episode, Professor Kandola was joined by guests from organisations such as the Cabinet Office, the Ministry of Justice and Kick It Out.

The topics discussed include micro-incivilities, leadership, education, universities, artificial intelligence and racism in sport. All six episodes of the first series can be found here, and further details on each below:

Micro-incivilities – their impact on individuals and their wellbeing  

How micro-incivilities affect self-esteem and how perpetrators may not even realise they’re doing it, making them problematic to identify, report and address.


  • Kiran Daurka, discrimination & employment lawyer and Partner at Leigh Day,
  • Rob Neil OBE, Head of Culture Change & Leadership at the Department of Education

Leadership – diversity and the tone at the top

A discussion of the qualities and stereotypes associated with leadership, before delving into the lack of BAME representation at senior level.


  • Tola Ayoola, META Programme Lead at the Cabinet Office
  • Chika Aghadiuno, Group Risk Strategy & Analysis Director at Aviva

Education – trusting children with the truth 

A debate about whether proper education about racism and its origins is the key to unpicking it.


  • Karen Murphy, Director of International Strategy for Facing History and Ourselves

Universities – are they still failing BAME staff and students?  

A discussion focusing on the shocking prevalence of racism on university campuses, which is keenly felt by both students and staff.


Dr Jason Arday, Senior Lecturer at Roehampton University, Visiting Research Fellow at The Ohio State University in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and a Trustee of the Runnymede Trust, the UK’s leading Race Equality Thinktank

Artificial Intelligence – is it bias, and what does that mean for the workplace?  

Addresses the role that AI has to play in the future of our workplaces and how our bias (conscious or unconscious) can be directly transferred into its algorithms.


  • Harry Gaskell, Chief Innovation Officer and a Partner at EY UK&I

Racism in sport – does football hold a mirror up to society?  

A discussion focusing on whether football is just another workplace in which modern racism is prevalent and how we can make sure that the discussion translates into action.


  • Vivienne Aiyela, diversity & inclusion consultant and Non-Executive Director at the London Football Association
  • Tajean Hutton, grassroots manager at the anti-discrimination campaign and charity Kick it Out
    John Barnes MBE, former England international

The podcast can be accessed for free by visiting, or by searching ‘Racism at Work’ on Spotify or iTunes.


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